At Your Door Music is simply the best music lesson option, bar none, in metro Boston. You have met and exceeded our expectations over the years with both of our children. On top of that you are perhaps the most professional organization I have ever dealt with for children's activities & lessons. We will continue to recommend you and wish you every success! – M.M.
My kids are enjoying their lessons tremendously. The teachers are wonderful - instructive, fun, and patient. – J.M.
Liz always comes out of her lesson smiling! – J.C.
We have taken music lessons elsewhere and this has truly been a superior
experience. – M.A.G.
Luke loves his lessons. He told me recently, "Dave is the best teacher I have ever had in anything... he just makes me want to learn more and more." Thank you. – N.E.
Rachel just loves Yuval. He is very approachable, encouraging and professional. You set me up with high expectations and he's exceeded everything you promised. – C.L.
I'm amazed at how organized you all are.  As a single working mom I really appreciate that you provide information in a direct, concise and thorough way.  At Your Door Music should be a candidate for a small business award. – A.D.
Ben is charming and respectful and the luxury of having him come to us is just amazing. I can continue with my own work while listening to the lesson. He’s relaxed, cheerful and playful – it’s great. – J.L.
Our guitar teacher and drum teacher both have been so inspiring for my children. We feel lucky that teachers of this caliber come to the house. They’re professional yet the lessons are still so fun. Worth every penny.– L.O.
Todd is officially the "coolest and best" piano teacher EVER and I think my kids would prefer he just move in. The amount of practicing without an argument has increased ten-fold and everyone is quite happy! – K.J.
I can't say enough good things about my teacher! He customizes the lessons just for me. I really appreciate his time and his talent. It is a joy studying with him! – S.K., adult student
You guys are making music really fun for David. It brings our whole family so much joy to see the music flowing through him with such happiness. Thank you for doing what you do so well. – L.D.
Both my husband and I are in a service business and we continue to be very impressed with how you run AYDM.  You are so attentive to detail and provide excellent service.  Very impressive! – B.K.
Aidan has gained a new lease on his musical life since enrolling with AYDM. I never have to remind him to practice. He just does it on his own without any prompting. In this busy household with four kids, that’s huge. His teacher has figured out Aidan’s music interests and taken it from there and that seems to have helped keep Aidan’s interest going. We’re very pleased. – A.J.
Your instructors really are friendly and enthusiastic. They’ve been great about working with my kids to find out what kind of music they want to play. – A.A.
Elizabeth is very much enjoying her lessons. After a couple years of piano lessons at [another music school] she finds this so refreshingly fun and she really looks forward to her lessons. Consequently, she practices more and is having more fun. Dave has just the right combination of kindness and seriousness to teach her. – E.P.
We are all really lucky to have such a talented musician for our teacher. He is so good with the kids and makes guitar lessons fun. – M.C.
Our instructor is really energetic and positive. He has an easy going manner and such a nice demeanor. – L.S.

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